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Our Philosophy

Digital and physical worlds have become inextricable, different but not separate, and together they make up a new form of media. At Faymous, we make it our single focus to understand what drives todays digital landscape and empower our clients to tell a truly unique story with content that yields results.

What We Do

Today’s media ecosystem is polluted with content. In order to survive, brands are now forcedย to connect more honestly. ย We are expert storytellers with years of experience both on and off stage. We help identify what makes your story human and special,ย ensuring views on both social and traditional media channels.

How We Do It

Content. We make killer content with you as our focus. Weโ€™re Artists. Weโ€™re Producers.ย We get shit done.ย We craft every piece of content ourselves, in house, giving you – our client, a product as unique as well, you.


Commercial and advertising photography used for promotional purposes.

Editorial Photography

Creative photography meant to support the printed word.


Music videos and branded video content.

pics or

Case Studies

We want to help you become a brand people WANT to see with authentic and engaging content. See below for examples of how our product helped generate buzz for emerging brands.

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