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Faymous is a female-founded, boutique content agency in Brooklyn. We work with businesses producing branded content for digital and more traditional media needs.


Founder Fay Fox has spent the entirely of her life in front of and behind the lens. As a classically trained Soprano graduating from the most prestigious Opera institution in the country, her talent was recognized by the Metropolitan Opera among others before transitioning full time to current career as a creative director & photographer. ┬áHer images have appeared globally in some of the most prominent publications in the world not limited to: Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, VH1, BET, The New York Times & more. When she isn’t busy producing her regular photo or event work, she is directing her documentary film on the Opera industry or spending time with her family and still enjoys singing.

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Photographer Tom Walsh is responsible for most portraits of his wife, Fay Fox. When he isn’t shooting for the company, Tom ┬ádoubles as a 9-5 business executive in Manhattan. His passion for photography and painting developed in recent years traveling & working along side is wife. A Sony shooter, Tom enjoys shooting landscape photography in his spare time inspired by the work of his favorite artist, Ansel Adams.