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bi·fur·ca·tion – the division of something into two branches or parts.

I’ve come to a simple conclusion that women divide social groups when under stress. It’s a bizarre thing. Like, unspoken teams are picked when shit gets weird.

After a socially stressful situation with a group of girls that quickly bifurcated to two clear teams, it got me thinking about women’s empowerment and the irony of the whole ordeal.  I could further stratify the group, attributing each female involved to a sorority house they likely would have rushed in my undergrad program – This girl would have been Theta, that girl definitely an Alpha Phi (!!!), found a few soul mates with what would have likely been Gamma Phis, the Pi Phis were, well… being Pi Phis. The social hierarchy of college girls transpiring before my eyes as a fully grown adult.

Women have the frightening ability to directly or indirectly divide a group, potentially undermining the larger goal at hand. Why do we do this? When we branch off like this do we disempower ourselves as leaders? If men act as pack animals, what do women do to each other?