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I’m so grateful to have this little blog to share with you all some behind scenes images of a recent campaign I shot & produced in Montauk – the End of the World, this past weekend. I shot an advertising campaign here a couple years ago that ended up in Elle and Marie Claire and have been waiting for the right project to come along to use this location again as the backdrop for a shoot. ┬áMy husband and I booked a lux suite at Gurney’s and enjoyed a couple days on our own in Montauk prior to this shoot that took place in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Shooting on location always complicates things a bit and for a project like this, with a very small team, the photographer really has to take on many extra job responsibilities, in addition to actually shooting, not limited to:



Creative Direction

Director of Photography (Lighting)


Luckily, I had the most phenomenal makeup artist who didn’t bat an eyelash hopping on a 1:30AM train from Brooklyn to Montauk and getting soaked in the rain on the waterfront at 5AM. None of my Creative Direction would have been possible without a very devoted husband who was key grip in 25 mi/hr winds. Those soft boxes can really set sail…┬áThank you, Tom, for your devotion to my art, Blair, for always been the best stylist and Carolina for being the most badass makeup artist I have ever met and sweet Elly, for trusting me with the Creative Direction of her very special project.