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Nabys Vielman | NYFW Fall 2019

I met Nabys Vielman shooting the Coco J’adore opening party.  He mentioned he is a fashion designer and would need some help with photography services in the future. I meet a lot of people who need photography services when I’m shooting events, so I didn’t expect to have one of the more spectacular experiences of my career result in this chance encounter.


I ran into Nabys again, almost a month later, during a night out for New York Fashion Week not realizing he was in the same room as me and my friends showcasing his Spring Summer Ready-to-Wear Collection. He mentioned his runway show to me and I was excited to help out an up and coming designer.


Nabys was super guerrilla about the whole show, he was essentially designer, stylist, hair stylist and DJ in one while his models essentially flash mobbed Fifth Avenue & the New York Public Library with a real life runway. I was amazed at how smart he was knowing that he would get more exposure and publicity using New York City as a backdrop for his artistry than renting a big runway space. A crowd of hundreds circled around us and I was the one lucky photographer at the end of the runway documenting the show.


What an amazing and truly New York moment to experience as an artist.



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