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OPERA ROX, an experiential marketing event founded by Fay Fox and Emerald Gruin at ROX Gallery on the Lower East Side melded the worlds of modern art and classical music, combining these forces to create a truly unique New York experience.

In this video, surrealist artist TOM SMITH’s HEAVENLY BODIES exhibit was on display with Grammy award-winning Opera star, Isabel Leonard performing as a favor to FAYMOUS Studios.

The event was free an open to the public in an effort to provide art for all.

Many more installations of this event took place featuring the roster of talent listed below.

Artists courtesy of FAYMOUS

Isabel Leonard

Ed Parks

Gerald Martin Moore

James Valenti

Fay Fox

Peter Beard

Natalie White

Lachlan Glen

Christian Smith

Nicole Haslett

José Rubio

Larry Brownlee

Lauren Jelencovich

Opera Rox Official Press Release