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Sing for Hope Gala


We just joined the Gala Committee for the Sing for Hope Gala on Monday, October 28th. Sing for Hope is an organization very dear to our hearts having chosen this non-profit as the beneficiary of our Spring fundraiser, Camille, produced with the architect, Michel Abboud, at the Box. Music education is a cause we are deeply passionate about and this foundation makes music possible in our City. Thank you to so many of you who supported our fundraiser in the Spring, and here is another opportunity to make a big change in the world.



2019 Gala Committee

Sing for Hope harnesses the power of the arts to create a better world.

Through dynamic education, healthcare, and global initiatives, Sing for Hope activates creativity in schools, hospitals, refugee camps, and transit hubs for millions of people worldwide. Founded in New York City in 2006, Sing for Hope partners with hundreds of community-based organizations, mobilizes thousands of artists in creative service, and produces and programs hundreds of artist-created Sing for Hope Pianos that activate public space to galvanize individuals, bind communities, brighten urban landscapes, and foster social cohesion.

We champion art for all because we believe the arts have an unmatched capacity to uplift, unite, and heal.


For more information on attending the Gala with us by joining our table or simply donating to this very special cause, please follow this link: